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There are more than 28, 000 Irob IDPs in dire need of help. That is almost 50% of the entire Irob population. 22,000 of those IDPs are living in Adigrat and Wukro towns. These funds will be used to support & address the critical needs of those IDPs who have been displaced due to the ongoing war & occupation.

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Cash Apps

1) Zelle: 1-301-802-5276

2) PayPal:

Bank Accounts

Account name: Irob Advocacy Association Global Fund

Account number: 00311667721/60

Swift Code: LIBSETAA

Bank Name: Lion International Bank, Ayder Branch

Additional Bank: Wegagen Bank

Account number: 0791408930101

Insights into the lives of Irob IDPs in Mekelle city

Listen to the testimonies of Irob IDPs in Mekelle

IDPs video-Part I_CLP_1.mp4
IDPs video-Part I_CLP_2.mp4
IDPs video-Part I_CLP_5.mp4
IDPs video-Part I_CLP_6.mp4
IDPs video-Part I_CLP_2.mp4
IDPs video-Part I_CLP_3.mp4

ዓዲ መዓር ፀባ ኢሮብቶት ክሳብ ሐዚ ማንም ኣይሓገዘናን ይብሉ። ንምንታይ?

ኢሮብ አድቦካሲ አሶሴሽን ንዞም ኩሎም ግዱሳት ሓገዝቲ አሕዋትናን አሓትናን መትሓባበርቲን ዓብይ ና እዳ አሎዎን የመስግንን፡፡

Transparency matters!


Global contact

Tesfay Woldemariam

Phone: +1 (301) 802-5276


Twitter: @Tesfawolde

North America

Fisuh Hailu

Phone: +421 948 281 211


Twitter: @fishhailu83